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Lasting For Years

Strive Towards


Creative and social entrepreneurs, digital nomads and freelancers. We believe this the most promising growth sector of our nation today. While they prepare to take the world by storm with their ideas and start-ups, at the core of everything we do resides our efforts to help them enjoy the benefits of a flexible office space. At Vorq Space, our greatest offerings to our partners are flexibility and professionalism. Unmatchable flexibility to choose their work space as per their individual requirements, thus making it cost effective for them. In addition to this, we give them the edge of a professional work space, with the necessary technical and service support.

Aspire To Imagine The Future

At Vorq Space, we are constantly looking at building a collaborative environment for our partners. In pursuit of this, we have designed some future projects that’ll help us do so. Such projects include, converting boutique restaurants into co-working spaces; Work retreats that bring people from various fields together for sharing expertise and networking; 


Work Culture

At Vorq Space, our vision is to create a culture that’s as eclectic as our members. After all, its the people who define a work place. Our vision is to create a work culture that reflects the diversity of entrepreneurs, designers and artists around us. We strive to provide an environment that brings people from diverse fields together, thus encouraging networking and subsequent growth from it. To deliver unmatchable flexibility to give our members the freedom to choose their work space as per their budgetary comfort is our passion.

Our Team



The one who holds the team together. This Founder takes no job lightly, be it a huge real-estate deal or the coffee machine malfunctioning. No wonder everything at Vorq Space always works. He is the true personification of the term he himself created - 'Vorqaholic'.


Space Design

Our coworking spaces owe their energetic and creative vibe to this talented interior designer. She has a tendency to make everyone stop dead in their tracks when she sings. We are genuinely concerned with her addiction to Instagram though.


Creative Head

Our one and only design guru. Also known as the 'Owl' for his nocturnal Vorqaholic habits (Or maybe its just the glasses, one can never know). Just make sure you don't call him when Manchester United is playing. (Does'nt take design advice well)


Brand Strategist

This strategist seem to always be overloaded with work. Always on the phone arranging meetings and trying to solve three problems all at once. Don't be fooled by this though, he will pack up and run if anything even mildly threatens his gym timing.



Business Dev Executive

Our Resident Zumba Instructor, She can make your Monday Blues disappear with an Impromptu Dance Session. And yes, events are her forte. Coming from a multicultural background she might call you 'Habibi', so don't be surprised.


Community Manager

Our one and only resource specialist. Be it the a suggestion for the best food to order or an internet downtime crisis. If Aman knows about it, the problem usually disappears before you ask again. This is why 'Thanks Aman' are the most used words at Vorq Space! 


Community Manager

His warm smile will most likely greet you when you walk into Vorq Space in the morning. This quiet and soft spoken individual has has a creative flair to himself which he keeps hidden. Next time you see him, ask him to design something for you and get ready to be impressed.


Community Manager

An expert on how to get things done in the least amount of time while spending the least amount of money. Lawrence is our expert in knowing how to get things done effectively. He is the quiet sorts, so you might need to give him a few days before he is comfortable into letting you in on his effective secrets.

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