About Us

Creative and social entrepreneurs, digital nomads and freelancers. We believe this the most promising growth sector of our nation today. While they prepare to take the world by storm with their ideas and start-ups, at the core of everything we do resides our efforts to help them enjoy the benefits of a flexible office space. At Vorq Space, our greatest offerings to our partners are flexibility and professionalism. Unmatchable flexibility to choose their work space as per their individual requirements, thus making it cost effective for them. In addition to this, we give them the edge of a professional work space, with the necessary technical and service support.

Strive Towards Flexibility

At Vorq Space, we are constantly looking at building a collaborative environment for our partners. In pursuit of this, we have designed some future projects that’ll help us do so. Such projects include, converting boutique restaurants into co-working spaces; Work retreats that bring people from various fields together for sharing expertise and networking.

Imagine the Future

At Vorq Space, our vision is to create a culture that’s as eclectic as our members. After all, its the people who define a work place. Our vision is to create a work culture that reflects the diversity of entrepreneurs, designers and artists around us. We strive to provide an environment that brings people from diverse fields together, thus encouraging networking and subsequent growth from it. To deliver unmatchable flexibility to give our members the freedom to choose their work space as per their budgetary comfort is our passion.

Reimagine Work Culture

The Team

 Executive Team 

Akshit Mehta


Omkar Dhapre

Creative Head

Karishma Mehta

Space Design

Kiraan Mehta

Business Advisor

Zainab Al-Hamdani

Business Development & Events

 Core Team 

Bhushan Dhotre

Community Manager

Femina Patel

Community Manager

Aman Patidar

Lawrence Travasso

Community Manager

Community Manager