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Our Values

At Vorq Space, we believe that you can’t change the world alone. We need to be braver together in order to build a better future. We’re building a space for original creators to come together by sector, scale, be brave, and lead industry change, and everything we do is about curation - getting the right people under one roof. 

Why Join Us

We’re building an environment where you can expand your knowledge, improve your existing skills and discover new ones. We love curious people we can learn from: the clever ones who get startups, the multitaskers who jump in and use their initiative to help Vorq Space and our partners take it to the next level. We’re giving people an alternative to traditional career structures and building the next generation of high impact creators. When it comes to hiring, we have one rule: we only hire people who are smarter than our executive team. Want in? We’re always on the lookout for team members to work.

How We Work

From day one we’ve wanted Vorq Space to be a rewarding place to work. Our team is made up of people who are insanely driven, get shit done and are a laugh to hang out with. Over time, we've realised three things that are really important


There are fresh challenges everyday that stretch our abilities and help us learn something new


We give people the freedom to try new ideas and fail without judgement.


We work hard but value health, happiness and life outside the office, as this makes us more productive

Bringing a new perspective to an industry resistant to change is really tough, and because of that we value hustle, an aptitude for learning and empathy above prior experience and paper credentials. If you think you can add value then get in touch.

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