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Co-working has become a major trend in the last few years and is powerful enough that we don’t see it as a dying industry

Thanks to technology, which is changing the way co-working spaces engage with their workforce. However, with any social app at the workplace, there are always going to be some people who don’t really get the etiquette.

Co-working Spaces have become a popular trend in the recent past and a huge number of coworking spaces are springing all over the country and across the globe.

Coworking has become the new normal and one of the most sought after segment of the Commercial Real Estate Industry for millennials.

Co-working has proven to be a solution where entrepreneurs & freelancers can be involved in a shared work environment with the facilities of a modern-day office.

Niche co-working spaces are the spaces designed only for specific target audiences such as, wellness-oriented spaces, creative design focused spaces, spaces for the legal workforce and many more.

The co-working space provider gives occupants the freedom and flexibility to customize their work area.

Coworking is a movement that is not only teaching people to work together but to think, interact create together.

The shift from one business to a different is commonly in the midst of a necessity for folks within the organization to adopt new processes, ways of operating, and approaches to interrupt down. 

Flexibility to scale up and down, no hassle with multiple ventures and reduced legal and risk are some factors that paved the way for coworking spaces.

The exponential growth of co-working spaces globally means that the world is adapting to changes in the way of work.

The coworking office is well-equiped, ready to move-in and includes all supprooting office infrastructures.

The rise of internet connectivity, smart technology and cloud storage, individuals are able to work remotely in the coworking spaces.

Offices, especially the coworking setups that look to tap into a budding community of startups and independent contributors are busy channelizing the expertise of design firms to reconvert all dead nooks into spaces that contribute towards growth and profit.

Coworking spaces in India are slowly attracting the attention of big-name startups as well.

Whether you’re seeing if coworking is for you, working on a limited budget, or just don’t need extra frills and would rather invest the extra cash into your business, Vorq Space is probably THE best value coworking space in Mumbai.


Co-working spaces offer entrepreneurs, their staff, and self-employed people the flexibility to use space and resources on demand to work together, collaborate, connect, network, and disrupt.

Various co-working providers tweak their space in form of upgrade to improve the flexibility to accommodate the needs of their members.

Co-working Spaces are becoming more affordable and flexible option for startups and are providing the perfect environment for them to flourish.

Although every coworking space in India operates independently we all agree that coworking has the same fundamental principles that benefit individuals, businesses and the communities that they operate in.

Co-working is a movement that is not only teaching people to work together but to think, interact create together.

Over the next few years, the sector will see an increasing demand for coworking spaces from larger businesses. 

Indian co-working startup Vorq Space is launching a subscription based service that will allow entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads the use of facilties at any of 25 member co-working spaces.

Availability of space, high speed internet and more importantly, low cost leases are encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are kingpins to the new working demands, localized to one space, where changes in attitude towards work.

With India being one of the largest cradles of start-ups, the need for co-working space continues to thrives.

Coworking is proving to be one of the most ideal work space solutions for all kinds of businesses ranging from freelancers to larger corporations.

Coworking spaces that are easy on the pocket are becoming hot-selling products.

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