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Coworking – The Future of Work & Knowledge Sharing

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Most of the startups always have modest beginnings. There is always a story of an amazing founder who started his company in his house or a café, found a great team and went on to take over the entire globe. At the initial stage of a startup, working from home or a café is always fine. However, there comes a time when there needs to be a change. Café’s cannot be the places where client meetings can always be taken care of. In the same manner, productivity can surely be hampered with social distractions at home.

All such problems and distractions can be avoided by moving to a coworking space. Coworking Spaces have become a popular trend in the recent past and a huge number of coworking spaces are springing all over the country and across the globe. While this is not a new trend, what they provide startups is improving with time. 

Coworking spaces are branding themselves around a sense of community. In fact, many even host bonding activities for members to get to know one another and collaborate over a period of time.

Over 71% of coworkers end up collaborating and partnering up for various projects. Gathering in communal areas and at coffee spots makes it easy to facilitate new connections, and this advantage can prove to be invaluable to students who are looking to enter the valued workforce.

Unlike studying in the library, coworking spaces put students in proximity with workers across a whole slew of industries. This gives students mentorship opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise found within their universities and schools. Techies and freelancers tend to gravitate toward coworking spaces, which is great for students looking to explore newer, less traditional career paths.

Coworking spaces in Mumbai are sometimes even offered on university campuses. Institutions often have guest speakers and visiting faculty who drop by, so establishing a coworking space within the campus can be a good offering for these visitors to be productive and get their work done.

Libraries and study halls are known for being stuffy, with more emphasis placed on being quiet and keeping to one’s self. Unfortunately, not all students learn effectively this way. Coworking spaces accommodate learners who prefer a more active environment. Offering these facilities within universities can provide support for different learning styles, which can itself be a draw for students and visitors alike. A university-based coworking space can also appeal to workers within the area, thereby increasing the students’ networking potential.

Co-working is a movement that is not only teaching people to work together, but to think, interact & create together. It is laying down principles on how people would interact with each other in the near future and embalming a sense of community as well as shared economy. This movement is about to grow larger as we move from an industrial economy to a knowledge based one.

From the looks of it, Coworking is powerful enough that I don’t see it as a dying industry. It is here to stay and to set a base for the future of work and knowledge sharing.

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