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Digital Nomads and Co-working workplace trends

Who is a Digital Nomad? Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.

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India is a home to a plethora of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, mentors & digital nomads who have been breaking the norms around conventional workspaces in the recent years. Working from home or at a coffee shop outside the restraints of a normal office job may sound dreamy, but solopreneurs can face challenges such as isolation, distraction, lack of accountability and support.

That is where Coworking Spaces in Mumbai come in to fill a niche in the digital nomad marketplace. Coworking has proven to be a solution where entrepreneurs & freelancers can be involved in a shared work environment with the facilities of a modern-day office, while working independently.

Working from any location on this planet, Digital Nomads have the freedom to follow their passion for travel – but prioritizing adventure comes at a high cost. Digital Nomads forgo a fixed income and benefits, often taking on freelance assignments instead of full-time employment. The guarantee of any future work is rare, yet they accept those risks to remain mobile and able to immerse themselves into the cultures around the globe that inspire them.

Millions of people have to move around to find work globally. Co-working has embraced the collective of Digital Nomads and Working Travellers, whose foremost requirement is a work environment with high speed internet and a like minded community of individuals. As such individuals are not required to work at a desk doing a 9 to 5, they still require places where they can get their work completed, reliably and efficiently along with meeting new co-workers along the way. About 60% of co-workers are flexible and mobile. The life of a digital nomad can become quite lonely, hence co-working spaces. Co-working spaces provide such digital nomads a sense of fulfilment by creating the access to face-to-face interactions with like-minded individuals, rather than skype calls and emails.

Co-working is a movement that is not only teaching people to work together, but to think, interact & create together. It is laying down principles on how people would interact with each other in the near future and embalming a sense of community as well as shared economy. This movement is about to grow larger as we move from an industrial economy to a knowledge based one. This movement is massive once and the world is moving towards a generation of Location Independent professionals.

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