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How co-working space is changing the working culture in India?

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1) How are co-working spaces changing the concept of workspace?

Coworking Spaces are now playing the key role of bridging the gap between demand and supply through well-equipped plug & play setups along with all the necessary amenities required for any business to move in without any wastage of time or investment into resources. Long distances, congested urban commute and increased amount of time spent to travel to a workplace, higher operating expenses and the challenges of retaining the top talent of the industry have led to a vast increase in the number of people telecommuting and working remotely or from locations of their choice. Startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs have begun moving into previously-out-of-bound and swanky offices, thanks to the coworking industry.

Co-working is a movement that is not only teaching people to work together, but to think, interact & create together. It is laying down principles on how people would interact with each other, embalming a sense of community as well as shared economy. This movement is about to grow larger as we move from an industrial economy to a knowledge based one. Over the next few years, the sector will see an increasing demand for coworking spaces from larger businesses, as corporate occupiers embrace a more dynamic coworking culture or shorter and lower-risk leases.

2) What are the new innovations that have come into play in the co-working space domain?

Co-working Spaces are evolving along with the technology available in its time. coworking spaces will be network hubs for different communities. These will be places where people spend more time to work and telecommute from, as companies will be happy to get the best people regardless of locations. At the same time, it will also be places where people who are looking to learn or network come to co-working hubs simply to find jobs with the rise of freelancers.

3) How is your company making a difference in the co-working space?

This is the age of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Individuals with an active imagination, reimagining the world. While they do that, we at Vorq Space are reimagining their work spaces. Vorq Space has been incorporated to create co-working spaces designed to bring together diverse ideas, skills, people under one roof, giving them the flexibility they need while they go in pursuit of their dreams. Vorq Space is all about flexibility and personalization; it not only provides booking options from two-to-five hours but also ensures that no two members have the same package. From hourly passes to Fixed Desks, Private Cabins, the company offers various packages including a pass valid for users using the space at night. All our packages are carefully designed to suit the members’ needs and it is our motto to meet those needs individually.

4) What is the future of the co-working space trend in India?

Niche spaces are making it ideal for those who are wanting to network within their chosen industry and community. There is certainly a growing demand for such niche spaces, and it is likely to grow in number over the coming years due to the opportunity for collaboration with like-minded individuals. At the same time, the collaboration within the coworking space industry will always have a place, likely leading to a combination of various spaces in the future.

To have an understanding, female-only coworking spaces are empowering women with the ability to work without any fear of harassment and are specifically designed to accommodate female needs and preferences. LGBTQ spaces promote the idea that members can be in an anti-discriminatory work space, without fearing what the society has to say. Wellness oriented spaces are developed with a sense of making the community lead a healthier lifestyle and offer programs like yoga and meditation. Each of these working towards a specific goal rather than providing everything under one roof and working towards different goals at the same time.

5) Any additional information that you would like to share…

From the looks of it, Coworking is powerful enough that I don’t see it as a dying industry. It is here to stay and to set a base for the future of work.

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