Niche spaces are the future of the coworking industry.

Coworking is a topic which is inevitable when it comes to the flexible workspace industry. There has been an extensive growth in the coworking providers when it comes to scale. But at the same time, there are niche coworking spaces cropping up globally, with a unique mindset and community. The number of niche coworking spaces is just growing as they are targeting and meeting to the individual’s specific needs. They are meeting the demand for the particular niche, depending on where they are located and what is the demand of the major populous around that location.

Niche spaces, being successful have a ton of drivers. What they are being driven by is something more than what work needs. The importance of effectively cultivating a community, over the importance of scaling all over, is one of the major drivers for the such spaces. We’ve already seen that niche spaces of all kinds are making sense and creating waves across this industry, whether for architects or lawyers or musicians or women.

When it comes to the creation of niche coworking spaces, it is crucial to keep in mind the design based on the community. This may be more important than the space itself, due to the fact that sense of community and opportunities are the reasons that many people would choose to work out of such spaces, instead of working from their home or cafes. No amenity would help if the space does not have what it needs or listens to the needs of the community.

There are a growing number of niche coworking spaces in the likes of female-only spaces, LGBTQ spaces, wellness oriented spaces, creative design focused spaces, spaces for the legal workforce and many more. Each of these spaces have created their individual target industry and are meeting those needs for every individual in the micro sense.

To have an understanding, female-only coworking spaces are empowering women with the ability to work without any fear of harassment and are specifically designed to accommodate to female needs and preferences. LGBTQ spaces promote the idea that members can be in an anti-discriminatory work space, without fearing what the society has to say. Wellness oriented spaces are developed with a sense of make the community lead a healthier lifestyle and offer programs like yoga and meditation. Each of these working towards a specific goal rather than providing everything under one roof and working towards different goals at the same time.

Every individual is different, but most of them always consider a niche coworking space if the extra amenities provided make it worthwhile.

Niche spaces are making it ideal for those who are wanting to network within their chosen industry and community. There is certainly a growing demand for such niche spaces, and it is likely grow in number over the coming years due to the opportunity for collaboration with like-minded individuals. At the same time, the collaboration within the coworking space industry will always have a place, likely leading to a combination of various spaces in the future.

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